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The Longest Night

A wonderful thing happened this morning. At around the time my alarm went off, the first weak rays of the morning sun began to filter into my window. This is wonderful because it means that, after a very bleak, cold … Continue reading

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The Cantabile of Writing

A little-known fact about me, The Molesworth Diarist, is that I used to play the piano. As in, studied it for eight years with exams, scales, two hours of practice a day, the whole shebang. It’s been many years since … Continue reading

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Walking into the West

Between being flat-out busy with the build, and it being dark when I come home from work, it’s been some months since I’ve been to the Western side of my block. This is the part that isn’t near the house … Continue reading

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Re-Entering The Land of Normal

It has been a crazy, crazy week chez Diarist. First, there was the rush to complete the plasterboarding of the cottage before my helper went interstate (pics of this adventure later). Then, it was a mad weekend of moving assorted … Continue reading

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The Halva Binge: Diet Is STILL A Four Letter Word

A week into The Molesworth Diarist’s Winter Festival of Exercise I have been hit with a rather confronting realisation. Despite my recent valiant attempts at hot yoga and dancing with grannies, all my exercising efforts will be in vain if … Continue reading

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My First Panic Attack

I had my first panic attack at Port Arthur. I’d spent the afternoon looking around the infamous prison, seeing the chapel where the prisoners were screened off from each other, the holding cells where the white convicts used to piss … Continue reading

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Dancing Grandmas and the Bikram Torture Chamber – The Molesworth Diarist Winter Festival of Exercise

It’s winter in Tasmania, a time of short days and long nights, icy winds and more than a few rainy days. It’s also the time where the Diarist realises she has gotten a tad fat. It’s too late to undo … Continue reading

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