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Why I Love Hobart #287

I love Hobart. It’s small but perfectly formed, and it reminds me a lot of my beloved Fremantle in its heydey (only a tad colder). It is even home to what is possibly the world’s only pirate shop. But today, … Continue reading

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Generators and Sculpture Gardens

A quick update posted from work today, as my generator has decided to stop working. The reason, as usual, is unknown. I have filled it with its favourite type of petrol, I have poured specially bought lightweight motor oil into … Continue reading

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Words of Environmental Wisdom from a Straight-Talking Wombat

I spent today at something called a Changing the Dream Symposium . It was good, and my very favourite part was this video called The Wombat, which I think pretty much sums up our global situation at this point in … Continue reading

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The Sanity of Boredom

The standout feature of this week has been how freaking bored I feel. This is partly due to spending 40 hours a week doing work that just does not interest me. But the boredom extends further than that. It has … Continue reading

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Bureaucracy Gone Mad #483

Today, in a staff meeting I heard the following acronym which is the name of a new working group that has been set up in my department: The NOHPG PDWT NMDS WG. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

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The Cove and the Knowledge that Hurts

Last night I watched a documentary called The Cove on ABC TV online (the only kind of TV I can watch since I don’t have the electricity to run an actual television). It’s about the annual mass killing of dolphins … Continue reading

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