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Decorating Ideas For A House That Doesn’t Exist Yet

As you may have gathered from this post, I am quite a fan of things Moroccan. Not only do I love the flavours of the cuisine, I am obsessed with all aspects of Moroccan design – the couryards and fountains, … Continue reading

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Flowers and a Reformed Mr Boots

I’ve been an uber-productive dynamo today. I whipped through the cottage like a mini-tornado, cleaning, sorting, and straightening the place from top to bottom. I even went into town and did my shopping and laundry. While at the shops, I … Continue reading

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My Cat Needs An Exorcism

Dear Reader, I need some advice. Some parenting-type advice. There’s a teenager in my household who doesn’t think he has to follow any rules, yet assumes he is entitled to all possible privileges. He wants to go out whenever he … Continue reading

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The Week In Pictures

Having fully recovered from the 31 Day Blogging Challenge, I think I am rediscovering my blogging chops. All week I’ve been taking pictures and thinking of things to write about. So here it is, The Molesworth Diarist Week That Was, … Continue reading

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Reaction of a ‘Climate Denier’ to a Bus Approaching at 200km/hr

As you probably know by now, I am passionate about the environment, and ensuring we pass on a viable planet to future generations. So it’s with some frustration that I read a lot of the comments on articles about climate … Continue reading

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