Walking into the West

Between being flat-out busy with the build, and it being dark when I come home from work, it’s been some months since I’ve been to the Western side of my block. This is the part that isn’t near the house site or on the road, or near the storage area in the paddock, so unless I’m making a purposeful visit, I don’t get to see it that often. But last weekend, as a bit of respite from scrubbing and sorting the cottage, I decided to pay the West a visit.

I only had to walk about 20m before I came upon this lovely view.

As I continued down the hill, I saw these trees making a natural sculpture…

Next to this rather lovely natural rock garden…

And evidence of some burrowing/scratching activity.

I walked along the old 4WD track…

Until I came to one of my favourite spots on the block. This was originally going to be my house site.

Of course, Boots had followed me all the way…

Gorgeous bark on this tree…

I’m not sure if there’s anything more lovely than a Eucalypt in the afternoon light…

There were beautiful mosses from the winter rains…

And even a moss-covered log. Very rainforesty!

How is this tree even standing?


Yup, I love my block…

And my pushka too 🙂

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