Re-Entering The Land of Normal

It has been a crazy, crazy week chez Diarist. First, there was the rush to complete the plasterboarding of the cottage before my helper went interstate (pics of this adventure later). Then, it was a mad weekend of moving assorted piles of crap from the caravan and tent into the cottage – all these locations are spaced about 250m apart and the track isn’t drivable, so a lot of trudging through the bush with boxes and bags was involved. Then this week, the heat is on to clean the caravan ready for its return to the rental people, and try and get the cottage in some kind of liveable order.

When the build is peaking in intensity, there is little time for anything else. Cleaning, clothes-washing, even showering can fall by the wayside when things get really hectic, leaving in its wake dirty, whiffy owner-builders desperate for a hair-wash and a change of clean clothes. But things are calming down now, at last, and I feel like I’m finally returning to the Land of Normal.

Mind you, ‘normal’ in this context is probably still a long way off what most others would consider ‘normal’. I still don’t have electricity, running water, a bathroom, or even a water supply on site. Lugging 20kg containers of water into and out of the car, and up and down muddy clay tracks, is getting pretty tedious I can tell you! While moving into the cottage has been fantastic in most respects (it’s a real building, and it’s insulated), it’s a lot darker as the caravan had 12V lights. While I have gas lanterns, they don’t throw a very big circle of light in to the (cavernous compared to the caravan) space of the cottage. Plus the other night I got a wee bit close to the gas lantern in my synthetic work skirt and psssstzp, burnt a great big hole in the front of it!

So I’m practising all the little things that make me feel like me, like pulling some of my nice clothes out of storage, soaking in the jacuzzi at the gym, getting a haircut, and cooking myself healthy meals. The build will start up again in a couple of months, and until then I’ve house plans to finalise, contractors to organise, and a bank loan to apply for. Not to mention the intricacies of finishing off the plastering and applying several coats of paint.

Life on the block has just taken a quantum leap, and I now have a little place to call my own with a real floor, real walls, and a real roof. Wow! I’m looking forward to having time to potter around, or even laze in bed reading a good book. But not for the next few weeks at least – there’s soooo much work to be done!

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