December Projects

December is nearly over and I haven’t written many blog posts this month. However when you see how many projects have been going on here I think you will understand why:

First, we built an enclosure for the cat. He spent the first year of his life roaming wherever he wanted, and getting very good at hunting in the process. While I think this was restricted mostly to baby rabbits and the occasional lizard and bird, when the wallaby joeys started appearing in spring we knew it was time to curb Mr Boots’ enthusiasm.

The enclosure is linked to the house via this runway:

Needless to say, Mr Boots was thrilled with his new enclosure.


Next on the list was the trenching for the electricity cable. I didn’t want poles, which are the usual option, on my block as I would have had to clear a 12m wide swathe of trees through the bush where the power line went. So I chose the more expensive option of laying the cable underground. All 500m of it. First the earthmover came in to dig the trench…

Then we hand-carried 4m lengths of heavy plastic conduit down over the cable and glued them all together. This was unbelievably exhausting, even with five people helping.

We finally got all the conduit-covered cable in the trench, and a couple of days later we had a massive rainstorm with about 300mm of rain in an hour. The water raced down the trench, and gushed under the house (which is where the trench ended) coating everything we had stored under there in a muddy slurry. Yay. You can see the silt covering the conduit at the bottom still.

Moving right along, we then started on the veggie garden. We have been hanging out to grow our own veggies for ages,  but as we are smack bang in the middle of the bush, everything has to be protected from marauding possums and wallabies. The safest and most sure-fire way to do this is with a fully enclosed cage. This has now been planted up with tomatoes, beans, and asian and salad greens. Can’t wait for the first harvest!

And, prompted by how expensive herbs are in the supermarket, I decided to grow my own. Baby basils and corianders are on the left, and Vietnamese mint on the right. They seem pretty happy in their north-facing windowsill position.

So that’s December – the pushka has been secured, edibles are being grown, and we are on the way to having power. I hope January is as productive!

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2 Responses to December Projects

  1. jacquelincangro says:

    If by thrilled, you mean peeved, then yes, Mr. Boots looks “thrilled.” I, on the other hand, think the whole set-up is ingenious, particularly the runway to the house. Nice work.
    I can appreciate all of the sweat equity that went into laying the lines for the electricity. In the long run, I bet it will be worth it. You’ll be able to keep all of the trees and maybe power outages will be less likely during storms.
    Your herb garden looks divine! I can’t wait to see all of the tomatoes and beans that sprout up in the big garden. From someone who can’t grow anything, it’s fascinating to me to see your progress!

  2. Yes there may have been a touch of sarcasm re: Boots and his enclosure! I too am intrigued as to whether anything comes up in the garden. It’s a bit nerdy how excited I am about it!

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