Christmas Tassie-Style

What I wanted to do for Christmas most of all this year was to celebrate with a picnic on the beach. So of course, the weather forecast was for rain in the morning with possible thunderstorms in the afternoon. However, in my experience in Tasmania, the weather forecast isn’t always right, so we took a risk and drove down towards Dover in Southern Tasmania and ended up at Roaring Beach (a beach with perfect white sand which squeaks when walked on and sparkles like diamonds in the sun). Wouldn’t you know it, the sun shone for the whole three hours we were there.

Of course all that gorgeousness was overwhelming so I had to lie down and sunbake for a while..

We had a picnic lunch of tiger prawns, crayfish, salad, and brown bread. Accompanied by champers, of course.

On the drive back from the beach we decided to visit the Hartz Mountains. It was misty and cloudy by this time and hard to believe we were getting sunburnt at Roaring Beach just an hour before!

We followed a little river down to where it turned into a waterfall.

The view from the lookout at the waterfall was so expansive, I wanted to grow wings and soar out over the landscape…but I contented myself with taking this photograph..

From the far to the near…I played around with the macro and exposure settings on my new camera to get this shot…

After the Hartz Mountains park we drove back along the coast, and saw this beautiful scene which has the quintessentially Tasmanian combination of cloudscapes, lovely light, and still water.

And I couldn’t resist these reflections on the Huon River.

And then it was time to go home and eat leftover prawns with brandy and mince pies for dessert.  With the lights of the ‘Christmas tree’ (actually a native cherry tree outside the cottage window) in the background.

What a great day! How was your Christmas?

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