Holiday Snaps

Hola from Sydney everyone! I’m here to see my Dad and have a bit of a holiday to mark the end of a long stint of full-time office work and the beginning of building my house. Today we took a long ferry trip to the western end of the harbour. As the ferry left Circular Quay I took some quick snaps of a few Sydney icons:

The Sydney Opera House - lovely on the outside, surprisingly dowdy on the inside (I went to the opera there once and the seats were orange plastic). I think they ran out of money towards the end.

View of the Harbour Bridge from the ferry with Luna Park in the background.

Closer view of Luna Park. I haven't been to this one as it was closed when I lived in Sydney, but I have been to its brother/sister in St Kilda, Melbourne.

All very pretty, no? Sydney is a spectacular place alright, with its harbour and beaches and architectural icons like the Sydney Harbour Bridge (affectionately nicknamed the Coathanger) and the Sydney Opera House. But after five days in the big smoke, I’ll happily trade in  the glitz and glamour of Australia’s biggest city for my little cottage in the Derwent Valley, with the wallabies grazing outside my kitchen window of a morning, and Mr Boots snoozing on his pink blankie.

Mr Boots snoozing on his pink blankie. Note the incredibly uncomfortable-looking positioning of the paw tucked behind his back..

While Sydney can be great fun to visit, I’m 100% confident it’s not a place I’d want to live in. And considering that for the price of 50 acres plus a house in Tasmania I could afford to buy, oh, a remodelled broom closet here,  I think Mr Boots is rather relieved I feel that way.

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5 Responses to Holiday Snaps

  1. Enjoyed your pictures! That Hack has a knack for connecting people!

  2. jacquelincangro says:

    Great photos! Here in Coney Island, Brooklyn is the original Luna Park. I didn’t know there was one in Sydney, but it looks very similar in design.

    I hope you have a great holiday!

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