Flowers and a Reformed Mr Boots

I’ve been an uber-productive dynamo today. I whipped through the cottage like a mini-tornado, cleaning, sorting, and straightening the place from top to bottom. I even went into town and did my shopping and laundry. While at the shops, I couldn’t help but notice a rather nice bunch of flowers. So, keeping in mind this principle, they came home with me to provide some prettiness in my newly clean home:

Of course Mr Boots, who always has his eye out for the most flattering backdrops, promptly curled up on my handbag (he likes the snuggly velvet)in front of the flowers to create a picture of cuteness. You’d hardly think it was the same cat from my previous post, would you?

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2 Responses to Flowers and a Reformed Mr Boots

  1. So Mr. Boots is temporarily taking a rest from shaking his booty and isn’t replaying the War of the Roses:) Enjoyed your photos and good luck with escape-proofing the outdoor run!

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