The Week In Pictures

Having fully recovered from the 31 Day Blogging Challenge, I think I am rediscovering my blogging chops. All week I’ve been taking pictures and thinking of things to write about. So here it is, The Molesworth Diarist Week That Was, in pictures:


Reading this post by Jacquelin Cangro, I was struck by the realisation that I’ve never celebrated Halloween. So when I spied a pile of gorgeous, jack-o-lantern pumpkins in the veggie section of Woolies, I was sold. This is my first-ever attempt at pumpkin-carving:

So handsome. I called him Jack...

We ate a Halloween feast of tagine and mulled wine, with Jack providing the mood lighting...

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Jack ended up on the compost heap today...

 Spring Wildflowers

I took these photos on a walk around the block yesterday. Given that I used my old crappy camera (still haven’t figured out the new one yet!) I’m quite pleased with the results:

I think these are a kind of buttercup...

Black wattle blossom

Don't ask me what these are, haven't a clue!

Tropical Tassie

It’s been quite hot the last couple of days (by ‘hot’ I mean a day that in my old home town of Perth would be considered mild verging on cool, but in Tassie has everyone exclaiming over the heatwave). Anyway, Boots is a Tasmanian through and through, and these are some of the hottest days he’s experienced in his short life. So last night there was some rather inelegant leg-sprawling action in what I assume was an attempt to keep air circulation around hot fur…

Comfort: 8, Grace: 2

Diarist in the Kitchen

I was lucky enough to be given some beautiful free-range eggs at work last week, and for a quick end-of-the-week supper on Friday I whipped up this prosciutto, asparagus, and parmesan omelette. You can see from the photo the lovely golden yellow colour of the eggs:

Nom nom nom...

Last week I had a VERY disappointing experience at a Thai restaurant in Hobart. The prices were steep, and the place looked swanky, so I thought I’d be getting some really nice, authentic, flavoursome Thai food. Not so. I was craving a good spice-hit, so I ordered Red Chicken Curry, which from happy experience in Thailand I know as a fragrant, chili-infused, metabolism-boosting delight. What I got was hunks of chicken and boiled RED CABBAGE (???) in the most insipid and tasteless pale pink coconut gravy it has ever been my misfortune to experience.

But I wasn’t going to be defeated that easily, Dear Reader. Tonight I whipped up my own version, a la Diarist, using good-quality curry paste from the supermarket and fresh veggies. It was delicious, and I am still feeling that nice curry glow in my tum.

Note to crappy overpriced Hobart 'Thai in name only' restaurant: red cabbage does NOT belong in Thai curries. Ever.

That’s my week that was – how was yours?

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4 Responses to The Week In Pictures

  1. Always look forward to your blog posts and this week in particular because my hubby is off in Spain & Morocco visiting family for 5 weeks! Like you, I have kitties to keep me company–Tush, my bushy-tailed orange & white male & Sabrina, my petite female tabby. Your Boots is quite the handsome tuxedo cat! As for your food photos, you can never go wrong posting about mouth-watering meals (or Thai restaurant fails). My husband is the chef in the family, so his absence is forcing me to do kitchen duty. Yesterday, I made some yummy oatmeal breakfast cookies with all sorts of healthy ingredients and today I’m planning to use up the last of the garden eggplant & tomatoes (moussaka, maybe?). Both your carving & culinary efforts were mighty inspirational, but I have a pie pumpkin to deal with so will probably just be hacking it in half to bake! Enjoy what is probably your Down Under spring as we deal with Daylight Savings Time and the approach of winter 😦

    • Boots is very cute and he knows it! If you look carefully at the photo you can see the glint of attitude in his yellow eyes… I love oatmeal cookies, yum! In Australia we have a version called Anzacs which women used to send to their men in the second world war because they kept well. Good luck with your pumpkin pie (sounds delicious) and with the onset of winter. Remember to cook lots of tagine, it always cheers me up on dark days 🙂

  2. jacquelincangro says:

    That is a very impressive pumpkin carving for a first timer! Well done!
    Your Thai meal looks delicious. Kudos for making a better version than the restaurant.
    Boots is one handsome tuxedo! Reggie would probably like to be friends with him. He does the same, um…”airing out” when it gets too hot.
    Looks like you had a lovely week!

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