Reaction of a ‘Climate Denier’ to a Bus Approaching at 200km/hr

It's enough to make your eyes go buggy Lord Monckton...

As you probably know by now, I am passionate about the environment, and ensuring we pass on a viable planet to future generations. So it’s with some frustration that I read a lot of the comments on articles about climate change, with their constant arguing about the scientific facts. I wrote the following as a response to the climate change ‘deniers’.


Reaction of a ‘climate denier’ to a bus approaching at 200km/hr

1)  Deny that the bus exists.

2)  When challenged with irrefutable scientific evidence that the bus does exist, including a vast body of peer-reviewed science from eminent scientists all around the world, put your fingers in your ears and shout ‘nah nah nah’ so you can’t listen any more.

3) When the scientific evidence insists on sticking around, and the need to get out of the way of the bus becomes more and more urgent, cast doubt on the science. Hack into university emails and create a media furore based on misrepresentation of the facts.  Give the 2-3 scientists who say the bus doesn’t exist equal airtime with the thousands of other scientists who say that it does.

4) When this still doesn’t change the facts, and it becomes necessary to admit the existence of the bus, argue that buses have existed before. Conveniently don’t mention that previously the speed of the bus was very slow, and that this time the bus is moving very fast, and faster all the time, and the impact will hit inconceivably hard.

5) Refuse, block, obfuscate all attempts to stop the bus. Do everything you can to obstruct those who accept that the bus exists and are trying to do something about it.

6)  Keep living your life exactly as before. Don’t think about or plan for the approach of the bus. It doesn’t even exist! But just in case it does, don’t worry about it. You know this particular bus isn’t going to hit you – it will be your grandchildren and the generations beyond who will cop the impact.

7)  Be sure to vote for any politician who agrees the bus doesn’t exist so you can continue to avoid doing anything about it.

Reaction of sane, logical person to a bus approaching at 200km/hr:

1) Accept that the bus is real, it is dangerous, and it is not going away.


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