The Hiatus and the Housezilla

Substitute 'house' for 'wedding' and you get the idea

No, I haven’t died. There’s been no accident or illness, and apart from the usual owner-building crises I have no decent excuse as to why I haven’t written a blog post in six weeks.  I just wanted to take a bit of time out and let my life kind of marinate for a while, without reflecting or reporting on it, if that makes any sense.

Anyway, it has been a productive six weeks, and some big decisions have been made. The first, and possibly the best, is that I am taking a year’s leave without pay so I can go and build my house. Originally I hadn’t even considered this option, I was just going to hand in my notice, but because I have The Best Boss In The World I now get to have a year off and still have a job to come back to. Of course, I still have to work. I’m thinking of dusting off my teaching certification and doing some relief teaching. And if the gods really smile on me I may even find some paid writing gigs. But that’s all details – for now, all I care about is that in one month I’ll be walking out these office doors and heading into a whole new kind of life, hopefully one that’s creative, satisfying, and where I end up with a finished house!

Speaking of houses, I’ve had a few financial hurdles lately. You see, with all the delays caused by dodgy tradespeople, crappy weather, my helper going interstate, etc, I’ve had about a year to sit with my original plans and tweak them a bit. Did I say tweak? I mean make huge sweeping major expensive changes. Every time I revisit those plans something gets added. An extra 30% of floorspace! An ensuite bathroom!  Pearlescent mosaic tiles at four times the cost of normal tiles shipped from Queensland!

You know how they call those women who get really obsessed about their weddings Bridezillas? I think I’m the embodiment of a new term: ‘Housezilla’. Anyway, this week I sat down and I costed everything out, with all the additions. And it came to SO much money, more than I can afford. So it’s back to the drawing board, literally. There are different options, and I’m pretty sure no matter what I will be able to have a liveable house with plumbing, electricity, etc which will be a huge improvement on current circumstances.  I’m leaving work in a month to start building a house, but exactly what kind of house I’m building I can’t tell you yet.

Still, in housebuilding, as in all other major endeavours, we have to set our parameters, work hard, and leave the rest to the mysterious workings of the Universe. Wish me luck, and the best of luck to you, Dear Reader,  for the big, hairy audacious dreams you seek to manifest in your life, whatever they may be.

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6 Responses to The Hiatus and the Housezilla

  1. jacquelincangro says:

    What a wonderful opportunity – a kind of sabbatical to work on your dream. That doesn’t come around very often. I send you positive energy and hope that you will have the most amazing year. I also hope that you’ll continue to post about your experience so we can keep up with your progress. Good luck.
    Housezilla! That’s hysterical!

  2. Thanks for your well-wishes Jackie 🙂 The ‘Housezilla’ thing is funny when you get some distance on it, though I’m not sure it’s quite so hilarious for those who have to be around me when I’m in that state!

  3. Enjoyed seeing your blog in the in-box again. Good luck with your plans! We, too, designed and built our Prairie-style house here in Wisconsin (Frank Lloyd Wright country), but with the help of a contractor. Sounds like you’re putting a lot more sweat equity into yours. Best wishes on the writing front, as well. Myself, I’ve been rather lax in that department with only a flash fiction piece recently. I’ve been spending far too much time entering word play contests at The Washington Post–limericks and other attempts at witticisms. I did win a refrigerator magnet for my honorable mention neologism. Not lucrative, but fun!

  4. Thanks Kathy. Fallingwater is one of my favourite house designs of all time, so I will have to do a Frank Lloyd Wright pilgrimage when I next make it to the US. Limericks are very underrated, I am glad you are doing your bit to popularise them – feel free to post one or more on here I would love to see an example of your work!

  5. You wouldn’t be referring to someone with the initials ‘KK’ would you Kathy? Thanks for the link, and you must be very proud of your honorable mention!

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