Why I Love Hobart #287

I love Hobart. It’s small but perfectly formed, and it reminds me a lot of my beloved Fremantle in its heydey (only a tad colder). It is even home to what is possibly the world’s only pirate shop.

But today, on a day when I am feeling a bit down, and not knowing which way is up or down in my life, I love it even more when I see on the front page of the local newspaper this photo:

Why I love Hobart reason #287


For those who don’t live in country Australia and who are wondering exactly what that is on the top of the car, it’s a corrugated steel water tank. They are very heavy, they are very dangerous when loose (you occasionally hear of people being killed by runaway tanks that roll over and crush them – no joke). They definitely should not be transported on the roof of a teeny little Japanese car!
But for all that sensible guff, that driver, with his sheer chutzpah and breathtaking stupidity, has just made my day.
What about you? Have you seen anything quirky lately that made you smile?
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