The Driveway Workout

Why I love living in the country, reason #462:

I calculated that the flat part of my driveway is 150m long. This means that if I run up and down it seven times, I’ve done a kilometre.  Add a cross-country detour to the end of the top paddock and voila!, instant workout without having to leave home.

Cross-country through the top paddock...

How many people do you know who can do an entire workout without leaving their driveway?

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2 Responses to The Driveway Workout

  1. If this is what your winter looks like … it must be pretty mild. Those look like deciduous trees … with leaves.
    What is the “feel” of the soil when you run? Hard clay? Soft loam?
    Looks lovely.

  2. Those are wattle trees and no they’re not deciduous, in fact I can’t think of any Australian native plants that are. Soil is very clay so a no-go area in heavy rain unless you like 5kg extra mud on your shoes!

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