The Dog Ate My Post

I wrote a really cool post today (if I do say so myself). It was about pirates, and fancy dress, and other stuff. But you’re not getting it right now, because I ran into some technical problems. Actually ,they weren’t really technical problems as much as Diarist forgetful problems. I was so excited to leave work behind for the week that I left my camera on my desk  last night, which had the photos that went with the post I’d written. So then I got up really early this morning, a Saturday morning, so I could still make the post for today (due to tricky WordPress time where even though it’s 9.30am here my post still counts for yesterday). So I drove all the way into town and let myself into the office. I saw my camera still sitting on my desk – yay! I set my computer up and went to plug the camera connection in to the computer to download the photos. And guess what. Yep – the damn connector cord is back at home. I am reluctant to besmirch my fabulous pirate post by not including the pictures. So I’m going to post it tomorrow.

And today, because I have to post in order to fulfill The Molesworth Diarist’s 31 Day Blogging Challenge, you’re just getting this excuse in lieu of a real post. Sorry about that. But only one more sleep till the pirates!

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One Response to The Dog Ate My Post

  1. Good timing … I’m on the road all day tomorrow.

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