Letter to Hack, Regifted

I’ve got 15 minutes till I head out for a fabulous degustation dinner at Harvest, one of Perth’s best restaurants. And after that, I’m heading to the airport for a delightful red-eye flight to Melbourne arriving 3.30am with a 3 hour layover before continuing to Hobart. Awesome! Needless to say, I am running out of time to write a fabulous blog post. But luckily, I’ve already written one (she says modestly). It’s over at The Hack Novelist, where I guest-posted a couple of days ago. I was going to reproduce the post in full here, but honestly, it’s better that you read it at Hack’s place. His graphics and layout are, like, so much better than mine. Unlike me, he has even figured out how to have font that is not Times New Roman. I have reason to believe he doesn’t blatantly copy his images at random from the internet. And he even has a huge archive of insightful and well-written blog posts! What are you still doing here? Get over to The Hack Novelist immediately! And while you’re there have a good look around. I heartily recommend.

Click here to read my guest post.

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