Je Ne Regrette Rien

I went shopping by myself today at Garden City Booragoon, one of Perth’s big shopping malls. I had a few things on my shopping list, some new skirts for work being the most important. Well, I bought some skirts all right. And some tops. And walked out of the shop 15 minutes and eight hundred and eleven dollars later. Here is a picture of my booty:

Why I shouldn't be allowed to shop alone

I couldn’t decide which of the three skirts I liked best so I got them all. And then I realised how perfectly the tops went with the skirts so naturally I had to get them as well. In my defence, I did really need clothes for work, this is my very favourite designer (Veronika Maine), and they don’t have any shops in Tassie. This was my one chance to buy up big!! Or so I told myself. Also, Veronika Maine clothes are amazing, especially for those unfortunate souls who – ahem – have put on some weight recently. The designs are really structural, almost sculptural, and magically seem to make any fat bits disappear. Also, the fabrics are incredible (one of my skirts is made of fabric that is 5% metal! Seriously!).

However, no matter how amazing or magically slimming the clothes are, the problem with shopping binges when you’re building a house is that you translate all purchases into what it would have bought you for the build. So, for $881, my inner owner-builder calculates I could have bought:

  • half a laundry fitout, OR
  • a bath, OR
  • paint for the whole interior, OR
  • a really nice oven OR
  • a really good garden shed

But instead, with my $881 I bought: 3 skirts and 2 tops. Who needs laundries and ovens and baths! At least I look good! If this blog post had a soundtrack it would be the throaty warble of Edith Piaf: ‘Non, rien rien….Non je ne regrette rien.

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3 Responses to Je Ne Regrette Rien

  1. They look gorgeous -and how cool to have a metal skirt (well 5% anyway)!!

    • Thanks melbourniangirl, I knew someone as stylish as yourself would understand! I will have to remember not to wear the skirt when catching flights – caught be some awkward moments at the security check…

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