A Patch of Wild

Today I accompanied the Ex on a drive one hour south of Perth to look at some land next to a small river. These kinds of field trips are part of his job as an environmental consultant.

This is all one tree – branches must have fallen onto the ground from being rotten or waterlogged, where they kept on growing and sending up more branches. Some trees are real survivors, no matter what life throws at them!

One of the most relaxing things you can do in the whole world is to sit by a waterhole that is surrounded by paperbark trees. Time just seems to slow down.

Yellow melaleuca (tea tree) blossoms in the winter sun.

This was just a little remnant piece of bush at the back of someone’s farm but it just goes to show how beautiful and important our wild places are, even as suburbia approaches at a rate of knots as is happening in Perth with the mining boom.

I wish I could freeze all the beautiful wild places that I know (and those I don’t) in time. I wish I could wrap a protective embrace around them and ensure that they are never razed to the ground in the name of a housing development, or woodchipped for Japanese toilet paper, or polluted by the heavy metals of the all-powerful mining corporations. But my species is rapacious, it wants and it needs, and it must be satisfied no matter what the cost. So sometimes the best I can do is just see these places, and walk in them, and know them just a little bit, and thank them for being. For just being.

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2 Responses to A Patch of Wild

  1. Am a bit sad that we even have a category such as “wild” … One of the many ways in which we distance ourselves from what, in actuality, we are part of ….

  2. I agree with you totally Roger. I keep trying to think of ways we can integrate modern civilization with wilderness and the best I can come up with is that we mostly leave the wilderness alone!

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