The Molesworth Diarist’s 31 Day Blogging Challenge

In my comings and goings across that ephemeral realm we call the Internet, I have noticed it’s quite popular to have a ’30 day challenge’ somewhere on one’s blog. So I thought I’d get on the bandwagon with a 30 day blogging challenge for August, whereby I would make a commitment to post every single day for a month, no excuses.

Then it dawned on me that August has 31 days. I admit I was still tempted to make it a 30 day challenge and keep a day up my sleeve for emergencies, or just moments of exceptional slackness, but I was firm with myself. No, Dear Reader, it’s 31 days of straight posts or bust for this blogger. Before I continue, a few groundrules:

I’m Already Four Days In                                                                                                         Today is the 4th of August and I have so far posted every day this month This means I am officially four thirty-oneths of the way through the challenge already. Hurray!

Quantity, Not Quality, People                                                                                                  Quantity is guaranteed (a post a day to the end of the month). Quality may vary. See yesterday’s post for an idea of the kind of thing you may be in for when I’m too lazy/tired/uninspired to write something.

Committing To A Daily Writing Practice                                                                                    The  entire reason I’m doing this. From everything I’ve read about making writing your career, one thing keeps coming up again and again. No matter how talented you are, at the end of the day every writer has to put their bum on a seat and write something.

The last point is the tricky one. As a gold-standard example of laziness and sloth, committing to a daily practice of anything goes against my basic nature. And yet, looking at the lives of successful authors, or indeed people who have achieved success in any endeavour, it’s clear that such success doesn’t come without a large dose of commitment and hard work. As much as I’d love to wake up one morning and have my house all built and be a best-selling author, I know that neither of these things will happen overnight. So I’m posting every day in August. No excuses.

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3 Responses to The Molesworth Diarist’s 31 Day Blogging Challenge

  1. You’re ON … I’ll be here every day to hold your feet to the fire … with just one request: If one of those hugely uninspired and overworked days descends upon you and you stoop to the bulldog level (I honestly could not think of anything positive to say about that), then go ahead and throw the dogs up there but add to it your own gut feeling in doing so … a snapshot of the internal space you are in at that moment. That makes it worthwhile …. even bulldogs.

  2. Will Bailey says:

    If you’re allowed to post videos of bulldogs, I’m allowed to use The Da Vinci Code for one of my title puns. Deal?

    • Will, I think you’ve found an elegant solution to your potential upcoming shortage of great literary titles to pun – just lower the bar a little and include the Dan Browns, the John Grishams – and how about movie titles and TV shows that will keep you going for years!

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