Dancing Grandmas and the Bikram Torture Chamber – The Molesworth Diarist Winter Festival of Exercise

It’s winter in Tasmania, a time of short days and long nights, icy winds and more than a few rainy days. It’s also the time where the Diarist realises she has gotten a tad fat. It’s too late to undo the poor food choices and sedentary lifestyle that got my body to this sorry state. And even if I was able to travel back in time to the critical moments of decision making – would I really have refused that delectable slice of blackforest cake washed down with good coffee, or forgone watching the latest series of True Blood? No, the damage is done, the fat has already been acquired, the time for analysis and recriminations is past. The only question now is, what to do about it?

Well, Dear Reader, in response to this exact question I have been engaging in something I shall loosely call The Molesworth Diarist Winter Festival of Exercise. First it was Bikram yoga. I entered the 40oC sauna-like room (affectionately known as ‘the torture chamber’ by Bikram enthusiasts) and duly sweated my way through the series of 26 postures, to the chirpy, California-accented voiceover of the instructor. ‘So good for you!’, was one of her favourite sayings, along with ‘make your back hurt!’ and ‘struggle harder!’. I’ve been back a couple of times since though am still not totally convinced it’s for me.

Next was a contemporary dance class. This one was pretty cool, as it is especially for older people. As in, I was the youngest person there. Surrounded by grey-haired, sweet-faced grandmotherly types, I sashayed across the dancefloor trying to feel light and dancer-like instead of heavy and sedentary-office-worker-like. Still, there was no judgement, and I actually got a bit of a workout. Those grannies are tougher than they look!

Further considerations for inclusion in The Molesworth Diarist Winter Festival of Exercise are: running in my lunch break, bushwalking, cycling, and doing exercise DVDs like pilates at home. They are all good but with full-time work and commuting there are time constraints, especially as most of my available daylight hours are spent doing things for the build.

The momentous day is fast approaching when I will moving out of the caravan (insert huge sigh of relief here) and into a real building! This means I will literally have room to move for the first time in a year of living in tents and caravans. There will then be no excuse not to have a little exercise and stretching routine at home, and as the daylight hours increase there will also be no excuse not to go for walks/runs after work. As for the Bikram torture chamber, dancing with grandmas, and other Festival of Exercise options, I promise to keep you posted.

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