Life Moment – Billy Goat Gruff

I love those Life Moments that happen when you least expect them – one minute, you’re just going about your day to day business, the next something an event occurs that’s so quirky it keeps you chuckling long afterwards. This is one of those moments, best told in pictures…

A while ago, while driving up the windy mountain road that leads to home, I saw something up ahead in the distance.

In the distance...

It appeared to be some kind of animal, but what was that black thing behind it?

On second thoughts...

Of course, it was a billy-goat out for a stroll. In the middle of the road, as you do. Dragging the tyre that he’d been tethered to. As my car approached, he thought better of his dash for freedom and headed back into the property where he lived.

I think you saw that OTHER goat, the one that looks just like me...

Looking like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

How could you not trust this face?

And dreaming up future escape plans…

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