Now Is The Winter….

Now is the winter of…freezing our frigging arses off in the Derwent Valley. The poplars stand bare-branched against grey skies, and mist clings to the mountaintops in strange formations. It’s three weeks to the official start of winter here in Tasmania, but methinks it has arrived early this year. That, or it’s a new kind of cold that I haven’t before experienced. My breath frosts in the caravan, there’s ice on my windshield, and Boots is showing a marked preference for staying tucked up in bed in the mornings.

Did I mention I don’t have electricity? Keeping warm relies on lighting the gas stove in the caravan, or filling up my hot water bottle. Boots is also getting a few extra cuddles, if that’s possible. It’s time to pull the thermals and extra blankets out of storage, and maybe go shopping for some Tassie-duty warm clothing. The Ex has informed me he’ll be coming across in a few weeks to pick up his 4WD car, the camping fridge, the generator and deep cycle battery, and all his tools – basically everything that I rely on to provide a bare minimum of comfort in my frugal existence and complete the build. So as well as warm clothes, I’ll be shopping for a generator – preferably one that’s nice and quiet, and with a digital invertor so I can run my computer straight off it.

Still, it’s not all bad in the winter. Coming from Perth, which has hot summers, mild winters, and not much in between, it is lovely to live in a place that has the full gamut of seasons. Each one is unique and complete, and as even as one season fades little signs of the next appear – tiny purple spring wildflowers, yellowing poplar leaves in autumn, the first crisp frosts of winter. I’ll try and capture some photos of winter in the valley this weekend and post below.

Update: it’s been so freezing that we’ve had snow – photos below.

Snow on Mt Wellington

View from my block to snow-covered mountain across the valley

Bare poplars

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