My First Reader

Until this morning, as far as I was aware, nobody was reading themolesworthdiaries.  And it didn’t matter because, like a lot of bloggers, I’m finding that the act of writing in here is as much for myself as anyone else.  This weekend just gone the weather was cold and rainy and Boots, Bertie and I were more than happy to hang out in the nice warm caravan. While Boots snoozed, and Bertie chortled, I tucked myself up with my doona and laptop and wrote and wrote and wrote.

And a strange thing happened. I felt happier and more ‘on purpose’ than I have in a long, long time.  I felt creativity begin to move in me again, after denying it for so many years. Ideas bubbled up into my consciousness, and flowed out through my fingertips onto the keyboard. I was in that magical state that psychologists call ‘flow’ and athletes call ‘the zone’. I wrote a few posts over the weekend and one of them was called ‘Life Moments’.

Well guess what? Somebody read that post! And liked it! Thanks, melbourniangirl (I’ll be adding her to my blogroll as she has a great blog about Melbourne, a city that will always have a little piece of my heart). So while I was quite happy writing for months into the ether I have to admit that I am so very stoked that someone read my writing. And liked it.

The other thing that happened this morning is that Boots was acting kind of strange. When I sat up to get out of bed he started meowing. Then he sat hunched over and depressed looking while I got ready for work. It’s cold and rainy here in the Derwent Valley today, so I thought he was trying to get me to feel sorry for him so he could stay tucked up in the caravan. I told him he was putting on an Oscar-winning performance but bad luck, he’d be going outside anyway. Imagine how bad I felt when I put him down on the cold ground in the rain and he limped off heavily, barely able to walk because of what was obviously a very painful front paw. I’ve booked Boots in the vet’s for later this morning, so for another blissful hour I’ll be able to stay in bed, eating crumpets with jam, drinking cups of tea, and writing. Not bad for a Monday morning!

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One Response to My First Reader

  1. Not a problem – I love getting to read and find new blogs that are great reads!

    Hope Boots is ok!!

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