The Uninvited Guest

On Tuesday night, as I was preparing dinner, I felt something on my neck like a strange mole. I picked at it a bit, thinking it was a bit of dry skin, but something just didn’t feel right. So I went right up to the mirror and guess what – it wasn’t a mole. It was a tick!

Now I have heard about ticks, mostly in relation to people’s dogs picking them up in the bush, but I didn’t know they were in Tasmania, and this was my first up close and personal encounter with one of the disgusting little parasites. Because of my picking at it, and thereby annoying it, the damn tick proceeded to burrow even further into the skin of my neck. Then the whole area started to really hurt. I found out online that tick bites are not meant to hurt, but mine certainly did.

Anyway, for the record, here is how you remove a tick once it is ensconced:

  • Get a pair of blunt tweezers
  • Grasp the head of the tick as close to the skin as possible with the tweezers
  • Pull gently, but with enough pressure to lift the skin up a bit
  •  Keep applying the gentle lifting pressure till the tick releases – mine only took about 30 seconds to come out, but it may take a bit longer
  •  Don’t twist or pull hard – you might break the head off in the skin and it can get infected.

As I said, even though a tick bite is not meant to hurt, mine certainly did. All that night and all the next day. It did eventually calm down and now it just looks like a mosquito bite.

Another one of the things people don’t tell you when you move to the country….

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